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Maine Coon Cats

Registered Breeders with GCCF

Maine Coons are relaxed and easy-going in just about everything they do. The males tend to be the clowns while the females retain more dignity, but both remain playful throughout their lives. The Maine Coon Cat is well known for its loving nature, kindly disposition and great intelligence. Maines are especially good with children, dogs and other cats and have always been a popular and sought after companion.

Maine Coons develop slowly, and don't achieve their full size until they are three to five years old. Their dispositions remain kittenish throughout their lives; they are big, gentle, good-natured cats. Even their voices set them apart from other cats; they have a distinctive, chirping trill which they use for everything from courting to cajoling their people into playing with them.

Maine Coons love to play, and many will joyfully retrieve small items.

They are not as vertically-oriented as some other breeds, prefering to chase objects on the ground and grasping them in their large paws - no doubt instincts developed as professional mousers.

We give our thanks and gratitude to Julescoon.

Watch the picture gallery for some stunning images of these fine animals

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